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A basic requirement for image reproduction in silk screen glass processing

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Update time : 2023-01-19 14:00:00

Silk screen glass processing to achieve a perfect copy of the image of a basic requirement is the quality of the transparent positive negative, that is, the dot edge should be neat, opaque. Color separators and the printing ink used in the same color scale.

The positive plate is placed on a glass plate, then exposed, and the stretched screen is placed on the positive plate and parallel to the image axis. If there is a moire, left or right rotation of the mesh version, until the moire disappeared, generally turn 7 degrees. The areas that are easy to form moire are located in the direction of the mesh and at the intersection of the mesh. Dominant and darker colors cause more problems with moire.

Silk screen glass for four-color printing, should use the same size and stable aluminum mesh frame, the mesh frame used are stretched the same type and model of screen. The use of dyed screen helps to eliminate moire, screen everywhere tension to be uniform, and four color printing of 4 block screen tension is the same.

A well-ground ink scraper is essential for high quality printing, and the blade has a Shore hardness of approximately 70. The ink scraper should be set at an Angle of 75°. If the Angle of the ink scraper is adjusted too flat, the printing image may be blurred. If the Angle is adjusted too steep, the risk of deformation of the screen printing image is great.

The ink knife should not be installed too low, if so, the film version will be full of excessive ink, print is easy to blur and dirty.

Mesh images are printed with high viscosity ink, and the finer the screen, the stronger the color of the ink.

Silk screen glass using UV ink, mesh positive picture tone range should be selected for 5% ~ 80%, scraping of Shore hardness should be 75. In order to control UV ink in color overprint when not dirty, it is recommended to print according to the color sequence of green, magenta, yellow and black. When using UV ink, the thickness of the screen does not exceed 5um.

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