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A method for identifying the quality of dimming glass

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Update time : 2023-03-01 14:00:00

Dimming glass is used more and more widely, how to determine is excellent quality products. The following to introduce a lowered glass good and bad identification method.

1. Judging from light transmittance

Good quality dimming glass power when transmittance is very good, clear and transparent, beautiful appearance and power transmission and opaque, can be extremely good privacy protection. Simple test method: can put an object on the front glass 10cm, in both sides of the light balance and not a backlight, a strong light, from the opposite side, should not see the object is better. Generally good quality dimming glass light absorption rate should be more than 74%.

2. Judging from the sandwich membrane

For dimming glass used for bathroom partition, exterior and interior curtain walls, doors and Windows and other non-indoor purposes, ask the manufacturer whether the dimming glass intermediate film is EVA layer interlayer or PVB layer interlayer. When purchasing, you can ask the manufacturer for the certificate of the intermediate film to prove the use of EVA or PVB film. If you use PVB film, you should ask for the certificate of origin of the PVB brand to determine whether it can be used in the appropriate field. Curtain wall glass and laminated glass for outdoor applications generally do not use EVA film as the intermediate film because EVA is very easy to yellowed and aged under the condition of solar exposure or high temperature and humidity, or even delamination. Moreover, due to the poor inherent viscosity of EVA, the laminated glass product has a low safety index such as anti-impact strength, so it is generally abandoned by curtain wall manufacturers.

3. Judge from the panel
Consumers can choose to use the corresponding glass panel according to the functional requirements of the application field, such as tempered glass as dimming glass panel for public buildings and bathrooms with high safety coefficient requirements, outdoor curtain wall application and other fields, customers with high fire protection requirements can choose fireproof glass as panel, and curved glass as panel for application where bending is needed.

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