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A way to avoid the green tint of super white glass

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Update time : 2023-03-22 18:00:00

If there are items in your home that are green with super white glass, don't worry, there is a solution to the problem. Follow these tips to prevent your glass from turning green.

First, understand why glass starts to change color. Ordinary glass is transparent, but thicker glass will turn green. This is due to the presence of iron in glass. This is a natural element of glass, and removing iron reduces its transparency. The iron content will make the edges of the glass appear black. Getting rid of iron is also very difficult. As soon as you notice green, take steps to restore the clarity of the glass.

If you want a completely clear piece of glass, it's important to look for super white glass. Regular "clear" glass is good for home projects, but the best quality glass is super clear. While it's normal for "clear" glass to look green, using extra white glass will ensure that your glass looks crystal clear. It's also important to remember that the price is lower than regular glass.

Super white glass can be made from different types of tempered glass. Some types of super white glass have a lower visual fog than regular white glass, so make sure you choose the right glass. The same goes for pure white. Choosing glass with a specific color will make your glass more transparent and reduce fog. It will be easier to clean and won't turn green when cleaned properly.
Some super white glass turns green because it contains a substance called iron oxide. The substance is so thin that it is easy to etch with edges. However, iron oxide is also found in low-radiation treatments, so you may want to ask your glass salesperson about the best treatment option. He may also be able to tell you if he recommends green anti-color glass for your Windows.

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