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Advantages and disadvantages of sandblasted glass

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Update time : 2023-02-24 14:00:00

Sandy glass is a process in which silicon carbide and water are mixed and sprayed on the glass surface under high pressure. It includes sandblasted glass and frosted glass is the use of automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or vertical sandblasting machine, in the glass processing of horizontal or concave pattern of glass products. By adding a variety of colors to the pattern, it can also be called "stained glass", or it can be carved with a computer engraving machine to form a gorgeous and vivid art product. The surface of the plate glass is etched with high technology to form a translucent and frosted effect, with a hazy aesthetic feeling. It's basically the same performance as ground glass, but instead of frosted, it's sandblasted.

The advantages of sandblasted glass are as follows:

1. Sandblasted glass can have a variety of design patterns, beautiful and generous, the design is novel, so the decorative effect is relatively good.

2. Sandblasting glass is made by sandblasting mechanism, which has high efficiency and can greatly reduce energy consumption.

3. When the sunlight is directly on the sandblasted glass, the light will cause chronic reflection, transparent but not perspective, so that the indoor light looks more soft and not dazzling. Reduce light pollution from glass to avoid eye damage.

What are the disadvantages of sandblasted glass?

No matter how good the sandblasted glass coating is, it cannot be attached to the workpiece surface without a long time of surface treatment. The purpose of surface pretreatment is to clean the surface and produce the roughness needed to "lock in" the surface coating. Sand blasting workpiece surface coated with good industrial paint, can achieve the use of paint.

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