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Advantages and features of coated glass

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Update time : 2022-10-19 11:00:00

Coated glass is coated on the surface of a layer or layers of metal compound film, in order to change the optical properties of the glass, to meet certain specific requirements. According to different characteristics can be divided into thermal reflection glass and low radiation glass.

The benefits of coated glass, effective heat insulation, energy saving, improve human comfort. Uv insulation, prevent the fading of the floor, furniture, curtains and other items, prolong the service life of the items. Explosion-proof, enhance the hardness of glass, prevent the glass from breaking and injuring people. Private, strengthen the privacy effect, outside can not see inside, see outside is relatively soft, add beautification effect for the room.

Coated glass features high temperature resistance. Glass coating can effectively reflect sunlight to the external heat radiation for effective reflection, effectively reduce the temperature inside the car. Scratch resistant. The coating can better protect the glass from the sand and gravel. Easy to clean. Coating is not easy to adhere to dust, dirt, cleaning only water can, so that the glass to maintain high cleanliness. Super high water quality. The instant rainwater falls on the glass shrinks into water beads and slides off effectively preventing the formation of scale.

The presence of stress spots does not affect the reflection effect of glass, nor does it affect the transmission effect of glass. It is an optical characteristic of all tempered glass, not a quality problem or quality defect of tempered glass. But when applied as a large area curtain wall, the existence of toughened glass stress spots will bring adverse effects to the appearance of the glass, and even affect the overall aesthetic effect of the building.

The conditions affecting the coated glass are divided into the following:

1. The local refractive index of the glass surface changes, resulting in different colors after coating.

2, the surface of the glass is polluted, but not removed before toughening, resulting in deterioration of the glass surface, there will be color spots.

3. The binding degree of the glass material and the first layer of the film is not good, and the chemical bond is a problem. This condition can cause the film to drop.

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