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Advantages of sandblasted glass

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Update time : 2023-02-23 11:00:00

Sandblasted glass is a process in which silicon carbide is mixed with water after grinding and high pressure spraying on the glass surface. Use indoor partitions, decorations, screens, bathrooms, furniture, doors and Windows, etc. Make life more beautiful and emotional.

Sandblasted glass is the process of mixing silicon carbide and water after grinding, high pressure injection on the glass surface. Including spray glass and frosted glass, is the use of automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or vertical sandblasting machine in the glass processing of horizontal or intaglio patterns of glass products, can also be added to the pattern by color, can also cooperate with computer engraving machine for deep carving and shallow carving, forming dazzling and vivid art products. Sandblasted glass uses high technology to erode the surface of flat glass to create a translucent matte finish with a hazy aesthetic. Its performance is basically similar to frosted glass, only from frosted to sandblasted.


1. Clean surfaces faster and more thoroughly.

Only sandblasting can be evaluated on four acceptable levels of cleanliness; Sandblasting can clean surfaces that are usually difficult to clean, and special tools can clean the inner surface of the pipe.

2. The cost of sand blasting is lower.

Sand blasting can make the cleaned surface obtain the required cleanliness and roughness at the same time, improve the adhesion of the coating on the base surface.


1. Short service life

The effect of surface pretreatment is to clean the surface and produce the roughness required to "lock in" the surface coating. After sandblasting, the workpiece surface is coated with a good performance of industrial coating, coating life can be up to.
Sandblasted glass erodes the surface of flat glass with a high profit technology to form a semi-induced fog effect, which has a hazy aesthetic. In home decoration, sandblasted glass can be used to show areas that have defined areas but are not closed off from each other. For example, sandblasted glass can be made into beautiful screens between the dining room and the living room.

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