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All glass curtain wall related introduction

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Update time : 2023-01-16 18:00:00

All glass curtain wall refers to the curtain wall whose supporting frame and plane material are both glass. Since all materials are glass, it features an almost unobstructed view and complete transparency. Full glass curtain wall is generally used in the shop window and hall separation, should not be used for high height places. When the application of space width, height are large, in order to reduce the thickness of large glass, the use of glass frame system, the glass frame is fixed on the floor and ceiling, as a large glass curtain support point, in order to reduce the thickness of a single piece of glass, reduce the cost.

The upper and lower ends of the glass frame body of the glass curtain wall are connected with the building structure with special metal parts, and the glass frame is connected with the silicone sealant between the large flat glass. The connection mode is divided into post type, riding seam type, flush type and so on. All glass curtain walls are generally only used within a single floor, sometimes also used to separate across floors. When the application height is low, the curtain wall block glass and glass wing can be installed in the upper and lower slot. The glass is fixed in the lower inlay slot, and a space should be left between the top of the upper inlay slot and the glass. The glass has room for expansion and deformation.
When the application of high storey, the curtain wall surface of large glass is used in the lower Mosaic groove, high vertical height, slender relatively large, the plane stiffness is very poor, easy to occur buckling failure under the weight. In this case, the curtain wall needs to be mounted by hanging, that is, special fixtures are set at the upper end of the curtain wall to hang the glass, leaving a telescopic space between the glass and the bottom of the lower inlaid groove. The all glass curtain wall glass can be fixed in the inlay groove by dry assembly, wet assembly or mixed assembly.

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