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Aluminum alloy glass curtain wall installation technology

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Update time : 2023-01-16 14:00:00

Matters needing attention when aluminum alloy glass curtain wall:

1. Aluminum alloy glass curtain wall installation personnel should be trained in special safety technology and qualified before they can work. Before construction, the safety technology should be disclosed in detail.

2. When installing the glass curtain wall, the operator should carry out the installation on the scaffold. Before the operation, the scaffold must be checked, and the foot plate has holes or probes. When working high, should be in accordance with the relevant "high work" safety disclosure to operate.

3. Welding machinery and hand-held electric tools such as electric screwdriver, electric drill, impact drill and curve saw used during installation should be operated in accordance with the safety disclosure of response.

4. Glass handling shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) Before moving the glass, check whether there is a crack in the glass, especially pay attention to the dark crack, and confirm that it is intact before moving.

(2) Handling glass must wear gloves or cloth, paper cushion the side of the glass and hand and body exposed part of the separation, such as a large number should be transported in boxes, glass pieces upright in the box, the bottom and around the box should be stable with straw or other soft goods cushion. When more than two people copy and lift larger and heavier glass, they should cooperate with each other and echo each other.

(3) For hidden frame glass curtain wall, if the glass and aluminum frame is bonded in the workshop, it can be transported after the structural cavity is cured.

(4) If the glass curtain wall size is too large, it should be carried by special lifting machines.

(5) When the wind is at level 5 or above and it is difficult to control the glass, the handling and installation of the glass should be stopped.
5. When using Tianna water to clean the curtain wall, the room should be well ventilated, wear a good mask, no smoking, no fire around. Cotton yarn and cloth stained with or without that water should be collected in metal containers, and timely treatment.

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