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Analysis of laminated difference between inside and outside of heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-23 11:00:00

As long as it is laminated glass, this situation is prone to occur when the inner and outer pieces are superimposed. When the stacking problem occurs in heat bending glass, it is mainly analyzed from two aspects:

1. Whether the glass cutting is accurate;

2. Whether the curvature is accurate when hot bending is formed.

The main methods to solve the stacking problem of heat bending glass are as follows:

1. When the glass is cut by the cutting machine, the cutting figure of the outer piece can be carried out according to the cutting figure of the inner piece and the stack difference measured. If cutting by hand, it is better to cut the inner and outer pieces using the template of the inner pieces. Because there are differences in cutting by hand, these differences can be avoided by cutting with the same template. At the same time, you can add the meter mark on the template to avoid mistakes.

2. If the old products overlap, it may be the influence of human factors on the overlap. When cutting by hand, everyone's knife strength is different, and there will be errors in the size of the glass, which will cause excessive stacking of the glass. In addition, the change of curvature of the heat bending glass will also affect the stacking.

3. If it is a new product, glass cutting, you can unify the size of the inner and outer pieces of glass. In the production of samples, when the fit of the hot bending meets the requirements of the spherical surface, the stacking of the inner and outer pieces of glass should be measured, and the accurate and detailed recording of the stacking of the inner pieces should be compiled on the process file for the convenience of later processing.

4. For the spherical glass with large curvature of hyperboloid, when cutting the outer sheet, the dimensions of the left and right directions and the upper and lower directions should be added. If it is difficult to meet the requirements when using manual cutting, the cutting machine should be used for accurate cutting to avoid mistakes.

5. Pay attention to the placement order of the inner and outer pieces. When the glass is placed on the mold, the outer piece should be placed first and then the inner piece. The position of the two pieces should be centered and placed correctly. The center line of the inner piece coincides with the center line of the outer piece, so that the folding problem of heat bending glass can be avoided to a certain extent.

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