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Analysis of structure and properties of insulating glass

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Update time : 2023-01-05 11:00:00

The hollow glass is sealed and fixed around the supporting frame between each adjacent two pieces of glass, forming a sealed space. The non-sealed space is sealed and filled with outer sealant, and its block or multiple blocks use single piece of fireproof glass. The contact surface of the support frame and the glass is bonded with an inner sealing adhesive; The support frame is an inner hollow structure, and the two right angles of its outer edges are made into a 45 degree 2 mm chamfered structure.

Properties of hollow glass

1. Optical properties hollow glass can have various optical properties according to the glass original selected. The visible light transmittance ranges from 10% to 80%. The optical reflectance ranges from 25% to 80%. The total transmittance ranges from 25% to 50%.

2. Thermal performance hollow glass has excellent thermal performance. Under certain conditions, its thermal performance can be better than that of concrete walls. According to statistics, some hollow glass than ordinary single window per square meter per year can save 40~50L fuel oil.

3. hollow glass has good sound insulation performance. Its insulating fruit is usually related to the type and intensity of noise, which can reduce the noise by 30~44dB, and reduce the traffic noise by 31~38dB, that is, it can reduce the street car noise to the quiet degree required by the school classroom.

4. At the relative temperature set in the room, when the temperature of the glass surface reaches, dew is bound to occur until frost (below 0℃). This will seriously affect the glass perspective and lighting, and cause some other undesirable effects. This situation can be improved if hollow glass is used.
Understanding the structure of hollow glass adhesive and insulating glass is very important for the correct selection of insulating glass adhesive and its construction quality management, thus affecting the sealing life of insulating glass.

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