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Analyze one of the reasons for water seepage of dimming glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2022-11-18 11:00:00

With the improvement of dimming film technology and the improvement of the overall performance of dimming glass, the probability of being applied to large-scale curtain wall increases. Dimming glass curtain wall not only requires the function of general curtain wall, but also needs normal use of dimming function. In the process of use, water seepage will occur in part of the dimming glass wall, causing damage to the dimming curtain wall. The following is an analysis of one of the important reasons for the curtain wall:

Dimming glass in the factory when the detection, checking problems, resulting in dimming glass curtain wall seepage.

(1) In the actual situation, there is no scientific checking of the strength and bearing capacity of the dimming glass, and only the installation depends on the theory, which leads to the installation of various pressures generated by the natural environment, resulting in the occurrence of water intake.

(2) The heat absorbed by the glass in different areas will be different. There is no scientific calculation of the thermal stress of the dimming glass. When the glass absorbs the solar radiation heat, the thermal stress exceeds its bearing range, resulting in glass cracking and leaking.

(3) The tolerance size of dimming glass is not up to standard. According to the standard, the seam width of dimming glass curtain wall should not be less than 15mm. If the dimming glass is small or large, the uneven width of the glue seam affects the quality of the glue injection. When the temperature change, earthquake and other natural environment changes, it will cause the shift between the glass layers, easy to squeeze the dimming glass, resulting in cracks in the glass and water seepage.

(4) Dimming glass is not processed from edge to edge when leaving the factory. When used as curtain wall, dimming glass itself will produce stress concentration, resulting in dark cracking or self-explosion, resulting in water seepage phenomenon of curtain wall.

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