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Anti-reflective glass production background and market development trend

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Update time : 2023-02-17 11:00:00

People in the new age are using glass products at the same time, the demand for maintaining transmittance, reducing reflectivity, anti-scratch and non-breakable is increasingly strong, so anti-reflective glass comes into being.

With the development of intelligent technology, more and more only products are promoting the modern society into the intelligent era. More and more daily necessities, such as smart phones, tablet computers, household appliances touch switch and so on are gradually using touch screen intelligent functions, gradually eliminate the era of buttons become the mainstream of the smart age. And glass because of its high transparency, friction resistance, moisture resistance, anti-aging and green environmental protection and other superior performance is still occupying the main material market of touch panel. Glass curtain walls are being used more and more in modern cities. But the glass itself is still reflective, easy to scratch and fragile properties, luxury office buildings, large commercial buildings, star hotels used in the exterior decoration of the large area of glass curtain wall form strong reflected light, light accumulation caused by the "light pollution", has an abnormal impact on the human body.

Anti-reflective glass adopts the principle of optical thin film interference, through the vertical vacuum sputtering method on the glass substrate plating a certain film structure of nano optical materials, the visible light transmittance of glass from the ordinary glass 89% to more than 98%, surface reflectance reduced from 8% to less than 1%.

The birth of anti-reflective glass, can make people in the outdoor bright light irradiation, still can see things under the glass screen, on the other hand, can reduce the strong light reflected on the glass screen on the human eye damage. Effectively solve the fatigue damage of the glass display screen, and have the optical health performance of high definition moisturizing eyes.
As people pay more and more attention to health in modern society, anti-reflective glass with high clarity and moist eyes will be more and more used in every aspect of life.

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