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Application examples of dimming glass in life

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Update time : 2023-03-02 14:00:00

Dimming glass is widely used in our life and is the first choice of many designers, so it is deeply loved by users. Next, the application examples of down-regulated glass in daily life are introduced in detail:

The interior design of the home: bathroom partition, living room study partition, dining room and kitchen partition, sun room and so on, dimming glass does not affect the indoor lighting, bright and clean environment let the main mood to enjoy the sun sprinkled room, but also save space, privacy is also well protected.

Multifunctional use: dimming glass for office partition, not only can transparent lighting or privacy protection, atomization state is a very good projection screen, projection imaging effect is very clear and outstanding.

Control center of important organs such as policy agencies:

1. Public security command center, interrogation room, etc.

2. The operating room, infant room, intensive care unit visiting window and other occasions of the hospital should be open to the public from time to time, but cannot be absolutely open. In the operating room, for example, doctors need to work in solitude during the workday, reeled in mist and dust and noise by remote control.

Product display and commercial advertising:

1. Dimming glass curtain wall, shopping mall window, opaque when consumers can glance at the store's products, fogging state protection goods or projector publicity products.

2. Subway screen door: electroinduced liquid crystal dimming glass is applied to the screen door of subway platform. When the subway enters the station, the glass is automatically energized and in a transparent state, so that passengers can see the status of the train to ensure the safety of getting on and off the train. Atomized state, for passengers can insert lively and interesting advertising interaction.
At present, dimming glass in shopping malls, banks, jewelry stores and museums, exhibition hall window, medical institutions, office partition, hotel bathroom partition and other aspects have been used. In the future, dimming glass will go beyond the application frame in the field of building materials and into the application field of household appliance glass panel, which has great development potential.

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