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Application field of solar glass

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Update time : 2022-10-27 14:00:00

Solar glass is used in many fields because of its special nature. The following is the use scenario of solar glass.

(1) The original solar collector

Solar collector is an important part of solar energy utilization. It can be divided into focused solar collector and glass shield solar collector. The focused solar collector uses the focused reflection of the solar glass mirror to focus the solar radiation heat energy on the collector boiler to heat the liquid, so as to drive the generator to generate electricity.

(2) Solar photovoltaic power generation

A semiconductor film is coated on the glass plate as a solar cell substrate, which is an important part of the photovoltaic power generation system and widely used in photovoltaic power generation engineering. The solar cell substrate is usually made of high-white float glass and coated with ITO film to make it have high transmittance and conductivity. Photovoltaic power generation system in remote areas of the military and other departments of communication electrical equipment, agricultural irrigation facilities and roof solar power station has been widely used.

(3) Solar glass building materials

Combining solar energy utilization with building materials and design, this new solar glass building material was born. Solar glass materials are widely used in modern architecture, including photovoltaic roof building materials, transparent photovoltaic glass, photovoltaic smart Windows, photoelectric glass curtain walls, etc. The photoelectric glass curtain wall can combine solar air conditioning, solar heating, solar water heating, solar energy storage, solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation and other energy technologies with the building, playing a collection of power generation, sound insulation, heat insulation, security, decoration and other functions.

(4) Solar glass for aerospace

Solar cells are the power supply systems on satellites, spaceships and space shuttles that convert sunlight into electricity to sustain the spacecraft. The setting of solar glass cover can reduce or avoid the damage of cosmic rays to solar cells, prevent their power generation capacity to decline, and extend their service life.

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