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Application of intelligent dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-24 11:00:00

With the development of science and technology, our workplace and living place are gradually entering the era of intelligence; For work, we advocate intelligent office; Enjoy life, smart home is also gradually entering thousands of households. Intelligent dimming glass is the product of the intelligent era, the diversity of its functions, not only can be used as a partition, but also can replace the curtain, save energy, once and for all, with one product instead of a variety of products.

Intelligent dimming glass application:

1. Residential balcony Windows: need to enjoy the sun, it is like ordinary glass, transparency of more than 80%, adequate lighting; When you need privacy or rest, press the light switch, and the glass will be sanded immediately, with low light transmittance and strong privacy.

2. Home partition door: under normal circumstances, glass door is transparent, is unable to adjust its transparency, if you want to block the sun, need to install curtain, curtain maintenance, disassembly, installation are very troublesome, dimming glass can not only meet the needs of the functional, convenient maintenance, is a good choice for more and more families.
3. Office partition: the usual office partition is the use of external louver curtain or white curtain cloth, beautiful can meet, but for a long time, easy to fade yellow, and not very good cleaning, installation is more troublesome, the cost is high. If dimming glass is used, maintenance and cleaning are very easy, and intelligent office not only provides employees with interest in work, but also shapes a good corporate image.

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