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Application of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-06 11:00:00

External window, roof glass, ceiling, lighting window and other parts, these parts can use laminated glass. Especially when the roof glass to the peak distance from the ground is greater than 5m, must use laminated glass. Laminated glass can be used for framed glass partitions in public places and sports places where crowds gather, prospect Windows on elevators for exterior scenes, glass for stair handrails, roof squares and balcony railings. These parts are in more contact with human body. Laminated glass can not only reduce the damage to human body caused by spalling fragments after glass breakage, but also ensure that human body will not fall due to glass falling from the frame, and also ensure the safety of human and property below the railing.

Indoor partition and exhibition window. When laminated glass is used in these parts, the area size of partition and window will vary according to the size of the space and wall and the design of the designer. The glass in the bathroom is mainly used in the partition between the bath space and the sanitary ware.

When PVB laminated glass is used in curtain wall, the thickness of the laminated glass used in the frame supporting the glass curtain wall shall not be less than 5mm. The thickness of laminated glass for point supporting glass curtain wall with floating head connector shall not be less than 6mm. The point support glass curtain wall of countersunk connector shall be used, and the thickness of single piece glass of laminated glass shall not be less than 8mm.
Aquarium and swimming pool observation window, observation hole under normal circumstances, these parts should use laminated glass. Should the glass break unexpectedly, laminated glass can remain intact in the frame, giving managers the opportunity to replace it and avoid significant losses.

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