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Application of toughened laminated glass in building field

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Update time : 2023-02-07 16:00:00

Toughened laminated glass is often used for building Windows facing the street and nearby with sidewalks, glass doors and Windows of public buildings, glass guardrail, balcony doors and Windows, indoor partition glass, glass partition on both sides of doors and Windows, glass on the ground and floors above 2m, bathroom glass, stair window glass and protection plate, large dance venues, etc. It is worth noting that the window glass of high-rise buildings is often made of laminated glass, because it will not fall after accidental breaking, will not cause injury, and is safer than safety glass.

The application of natural disasters and social security events in buildings and components requiring safety functions is the main factor that endangers the safety of urban buildings and people. Fires, typhoons, terrorism, violence and other activities cause huge property losses and casualties to society every year. Therefore, in the building and its components safety function requirements should be selected according to the different needs of bulletproof glass, anti-violence invasion glass, anti-theft glass, fireproof glass, explosion-proof glass, anti-typhoon glass and other toughened laminated glass.
Banks, vaults, museums, exhibition halls, display halls, jewelry stores and other places where shooting, theft and robbery may occur should use bullet-proof plastic glass; Many museums, exhibition halls, commercial halls of the window, display cases, display cases, rare pet display cases and so on have adopted anti-clip plastic glass, can be anti-smash, anti-snatch. Fireproof laminated glass can be used in banks, vaults, valuables, storage rooms, office buildings, archives, libraries, printing plants, chemical plants with flammable materials, large shopping malls, flammable materials warehouses and public and civil buildings doors, soundproof glass Windows.

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