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Application range of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-03-15 18:00:00

Currently, the buildings all use laminated glass as part of their construction. This type of glass is widely used for its impact resistance and resistance to run-in. The film in between is resistant to continuous blows from lethal weapons and bullet penetration, and provides a high level of security.

The main use of laminated glass is as safety glass for buildings. It can be used as window glass for Windows, storefronts and other applications. It can even be used to build skylights and other glass surfaces. The main difference between ordinary glass and laminated glass is that the former is stronger than the latter. And unlike traditional glass, laminated glass is not easily broken, making it ideal for construction.

Laminated glass is more resistant to breakage than regular glass and safer to use in the workplace. Ordinary glass shards are likely to break into long, sharp pieces that can cause injury or even death. Laminated glass is resistant to penetration and absorbs impact energy, which means that even if the glass does break, the pieces are held in place by an adhesive film in the middle.

The thickness of the PVB layer is very important to the solar performance, but the thickness of the intermediate layer has little effect on the solar performance data. This is very useful for solar powered Windows, so you may want to consider using this type of glass when considering the solar performance of your panels.

Ambient temperature and operating environment have great influence on the properties of broken glass. This makes laminated glass ideal for roofs, Windows and doors, butt glass opening edges, point fixing supports, and other areas of temperature variation. The temperature range of laminated glass is quite wide and the options are almost endless.
In addition to providing high security, laminated glass provides a sense of peace of mind. It resists repeated hammering and prevents entry. In addition, it can help prevent glass from breaking during disasters such as storms or tornadoes. It can protect homeowners' property without spending a lot of money or time reinforcing the building. Most homeowners, businesses and remote area properties find laminated glass available for these purposes.

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