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Assembly of rubber strip type hollow glass and aluminum strip type hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-02-27 14:00:00

Assembly of rubber strip type hollow glass and aluminum strip type insulating glass. Rubber strip type insulating glass assembly:

1. Environmental requirements: the processing temperature of rubber strip hollow glass is 10 ~ 20 degrees in winter and 20 ~ 30 degrees in summer.

2. Requirements for relative humidity: Since the desiccant of the rubber belt type insulating glass is in powder form, it will play its role slowly after being mixed with the adhesive evenly, so the relative humidity of the belt assembly area should be slightly lower.

Aluminum with hollow glass components:

1. Environmental requirements: The temperature should be between 10-30 degrees.

2. Requirements for relative humidity: This hollow glass has slightly lower requirements for relative humidity, which can be achieved under normal circumstances. But it should be noted that desiccant should be qualified products of regular manufacturers to ensure effective use. The desiccant should be used up within 24 hours after opening, because the polysulfide glue has large permeability and poor sealing performance, double sealing should be used. Butyl rubber is used as the first seal, as a barrier to gas. Polysulfide glue as a second seal, mainly plays the role of bonding, followed by the role of gas insulation. Practice has proved that the life of one-way sealed hollow glass is only about 5 years, and the life of two-way sealed insulating glass can be as long as 20 to 40 years. Therefore, the development of two-way sealing insulating glass is the general trend.

Note that when pressing rubber strip type hollow glass pieces, the edge of laminated glass should be aligned. When pressing, a small opening should be reserved on the back so that dry gas can overflow from the small opening, and then seal after pressing. At this point, the processing of rubber strip type insulating glass is completed. The distance between the outer edge of the aluminum frame and the edge of the glass should be 5mm ~ 7mm, which is used to coat the second layer of sealant. Polysulfide glue should be evenly applied to one side to prevent bubbles. After coating, the glass surface residue should be scraped off. At this point, the processing of aluminum strip insulating glass is completed.

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