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Assembly requirements for laminated hollow glass processing

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Update time : 2023-02-15 14:00:00

The production management of laminated hollow glass in the following aspects determines its particularity: whether the coated glass to be edged meets the requirements of edging; Butyl glue (PIB) and two sealant width and thickness is up to the relevant standard values; If the miscibility test is carried out in the two-way sealant, the miscibility test should be conducted if the silicone sealant is used in the two-way sealant.

Aluminum strip adopts slot type connection, check whether the four connection angles are effectively sealed with butyl adhesive (PIB); Molecular sieve after filling whether more than the specification of 40 minutes packaging two sealant. The assembly of aluminum strip laminated hollow glass and rubber strip laminated insulating glass in laminated insulating glass processing is affected by the environment, so there are their own environmental requirements in the assembly.

The assembly temperature of aluminum strip type laminated hollow glass should be between 10-30 degrees. This kind of laminated insulating glass has a slightly lower relative humidity requirement, which can be done under normal conditions. However, it should be noted that the desiccant should choose the qualified products of regular manufacturers to ensure the effective use of desiccant. After the desiccant is opened, it is best to use up within 24 hours, because of the large permeability of polysulfide glue, poor sealing, so we should use double sealing. With butyl rubber as the first seal, play the role of gas separation. With polysulfide glue as the second seal, the main effect is bonding, followed by gas isolation.
The processing temperature of rubber strip type laminated hollow glass should be between 10-20 degrees in winter, and between 20-30 degrees in summer. Because the desiccant of rubber strip type laminated insulating glass is powdery, the desiccant plays a slower role after being evenly mixed with rubber, so the relative humidity of the assembly area of rubber strip should be ensured to be slightly low.

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