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Cause of broken glass windows & doors

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Update time : 2023-01-06 18:00:00

Glass windows & doors suddenly appeared cracks, and cracks more and more, have not been hit by hard objects, how is this going on? In fact, there are five reasons why Windows and doors break for no reason.

Glass weak steel area damaged

The most vulnerable place of glass is in the four bottom corners, so if there is accidental damage in the process of transportation, even a slight collision may cause the glass to break, so in the installation should pay careful attention to whether the glass edge is damaged, timely discovery, timely replacement.

Window glazing is temperature-dependent

Glass windows & doors and the temperature of the weather is also related to oh, if it is in the summer in the sun the glass absorbs the infrared ray, the temperature of the glass itself rises, and the temperature of the edge is not balanced, so the temperature difference for a long time is very easy to appear the risk of thermal rupture, and if it is strong cold weather will also occur.

The larger the size of the glass, the higher the risk of self-detonation

The larger the glass size, the less the natural force area will be, and the higher the natural binding force of the glass surface affected by external factors, so the probability of breakage will increase. So in the pursuit of large glass at the same time to consider the risk of glass panel cracking oh, think about how to do a good job of adjustment measures.

Inappropriate size when installing window glazing

Some installation workers know that there are some deviations in the size of the installation, in order to greedy for their own convenience will be hard installed in, and finally lead to the installation of doors and Windows is too tight, the specification is not appropriate, may not have a problem in a short time, if a long time is sure to increase the impact of doors and Windows self-explosion, so in the process of installation of doors and Windows must remember to carefully acceptance.

The glass contains impurities
Another is that the glass windows & doors in the production process doped with stones, bubbles and other impurities, so these impurities will easily lead to cracks on the glass surface, which can also be a good explanation for why their doors and Windows will break for no reason.

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