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Characteristics of fireproof dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-08 11:00:00

Fireproof dimming glass is based on ordinary dimming glass processing technology using fireproof glass and the corresponding production process, is a new type of special glass with both dimming and fireproof functions.

Fireproof dimming glass features:

1. Fire and smoke insulation. Fireproof dimming glass is customized with high strength single piece fireproof glass. The functional properties of the fireproof glass itself will not change after processing. When the fireproof glass is designed and installed, the corresponding fireproof hardware can be configured to achieve the effect of both fire and smoke.

2. Intelligent dimming. Switching between transparent and opaque is a natural property of dimming glass. When the power supply is on, the glass can reach more than 80% transparency; When the power is turned off, the glass presents a white frosted state, and human vision cannot see from one side of the glass to the other.

3. High strength and hardness. Tempered monolithic fireproof glass hardness is 1.5-3 times higher than ordinary tempered glass, so the fireproof dimming glass processed by fireproof glass has better strength and hardness than ordinary glass, the glass is more anti-impact anti-wind anti-seismic, the safety factor is greatly improved.

Fireproof dimming glass application scope:

1. All kinds of banks. The bank is the representative of the financial industry, holding countless financial information, its security is self-evident. The combination of fire and dimming performance of fire intelligent dimming glass is naturally favored by banks.

2. Various computer room projects. The equipment room is an area where various servers or other data are gathered. It is usually set in a hidden place and kept dry by constant temperature and humidity. However, too much line for a long time will appear short circuit phenomenon and cause fire, so it is necessary to set a fire retardant partition, fire intelligent dimming glass has fire performance.

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