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Characteristics of hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-02-27 16:00:00

High performance hollow glass has great energy saving effect. Due to the special metal film layer, the shielding coefficient can reach 0.22-0.49, thus reducing the indoor air conditioning load. Therefore, the larger and more open the window, the more obvious the energy-saving effect. Here is to understand the characteristics of insulating glass.

Improve Your Indoor environment High-performance hollow glass intercepts large amounts of energy released by the sun indoors, thereby preventing the discomfort caused by radiant heat and reducing glare caused by sunset sunlight. Rich color, art high performance insulating glass has a variety of colors, can be selected according to the need of color, in order to achieve a more ideal artistic effect. High performance hollow glass is suitable for office buildings, exhibition rooms, libraries and other public facilities, such as computer rooms, precision instrument workshops, chemical plants and other special buildings that need constant temperature and humidity. It can also be used for sunscreen to prevent dazzling areas. Note: The dry air is sealed in the middle of the insulating glass. According to the change of temperature and pressure, the internal air pressure will also change, but the glass surface only has a small deformation.

In addition, small distortions may occur during the manufacturing process and deformation may occur during the construction process. Therefore, taking these factors into account, there are sometimes changes in the response, which should be paid attention to. Choose different colors and different reflections. Gold, copper and silver metal coatings have higher reflectance in the middle and far infrared region, that is, when the wavelength range is greater than 4m. If the metal coating is of typical thickness, the total reflectance can reach 90%-95%, and the high infrared reflectance is equivalent to the low emissivity.By reducing the thickness of the thin metal layer, the transmittance can be increased to about 60%-60%. This very thin coating is very, very protective, but it still has high infrared reflectivity values, in the 85 or 75 percent range.

The above is the characteristics of hollow glass.

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