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Characteristics of lacquered glass

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Update time : 2022-10-31 10:00:45

Lacquered glass is a highly expressive decorative glass. It can be embodied by spraying, screen printing, etc. Any color that can be adjusted by the paint can be made, so the color of the painted glass is very diverse. Lacquered glass is very imaginative and is often used in large quantities in home improvement and tooling. Painted glass is divided into flat painted glass and frosted painted glass. They are spray painted on the back of the glass and baked in an oven at 30-45 degrees. In many places where varnished glass is made, natural drying is generally used, but the adhesion of the natural drying paint surface is relatively small, and it is easy to fall off in a humid environment. In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and the health needs of workers in the paint glass, environmentally friendly raw materials are used in the production of the paint glass. In home decoration, the thickness of the varnished glass is generally 5mm. When the area is too large, choose a thicker one!

Lacquered glass features

1. Paint glass has a higher smoothness, the surface has reflective ability, which makes the paint glass looks fuller from the appearance.

2. Paint glass is more environmentally friendly and healthy. Paint glass can also spray text, design, for some simple store LOGO wall, are very affordable.

3. High temperature resistance. Lacquered glass, very big benefits, is durable, many store doors are painted glass, often new, very bright after water.

Lacquered glass for TV wall color configuration

1. The TV wall, the color can not be too bright, because it is only as a foil for television, can not cry out, bright color is more likely to cause visual fatigue.

2. If the wall is non-white can also consider the gray series, the key depends on personal preferences and comprehensive consideration of indoor furniture, curtains, floors and other coordination.

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