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Characteristics of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-07 18:00:00

Laminated glass factory commonly used sandwich glass intermediate film are: PVB, SGP, EVA, PU, etc.

Laminated glass factory according to the melting point of the intermediate film, can be divided into: low temperature laminated glass, high temperature laminated glass, insulating glass. According to the middle clip material is different, can be divided into: clip paper, clip cloth, clip plants, clip silk, clip silk, clip metal wire and many other kinds. According to the different bonding methods between the sandwich, it can be divided into: mixed laminated glass, dry laminated glass, hollow laminated glass. According to the different laminated layer, it can be divided into: general laminated glass and bulletproof glass.

Even if the glass breaks, the pieces will stick to the film, and the surface of the broken glass will remain clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the splinter injury and penetration fall event, to ensure personal safety. Most building glass is made of laminated glass, not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because laminated glass has a very good ability to resist invasion. The intermediate membrane can resist the continuous attack of hammer, wood cleaver and other weapons, but also can resist the penetration of bullets for quite a long time, which is a high degree of security.
The glass is broken safely and may break under the impact of a heavy ball, but the whole piece of glass still remains a single interlayer, and the fragments and sharp fragments are still stuck together with the intermediate membrane. When the glass breaks, the pieces will not disperse, and it is often used in cars and other vehicles. Laminated glass factory introduction, tempered glass needs greater impact force to break, once broken, the whole glass burst into countless fine particles, frame only a few broken glass; Ordinary glass will break upon impact, typical breaking condition, produce many long sharp fragments; When the wire glass is broken, the mirror tooth fragments surround the hole, and more glass fragments are left around the penetration point, and the length of the wire fracture is different.

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