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Classification of common types of fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2023-02-23 18:00:00

Fire resistant glass not only has the performance of ordinary glass, but also has the function of fire smoke resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a widely used safety glass. Because of its characteristics, it is widely used in libraries, shopping malls and other large places, computer rooms, high-precision laboratories and other core buildings. When a fire breaks out, fire-resistant glass can create more time for rescue personnel, property and buildings and can greatly reduce damage, so it plays a key role in some important occasions.

Common types of fire resistant glass classification:

1. Monolithic fire resistant glass (non-insulation)

Integral glass is widely used in fireproof glass because of its high cost performance. Through special processing methods, a single piece of fireproof glass can remain intact in the flame of 1000℃, is an effective tool to prevent the spread of flame.

2. Grout fire resistant glass (insulation)

Composite fire-resistant glass made from two or more layers of glass and then filled with a fire-resistant liquid provides insulation that other glass does not. White insulated foam walls formed when flame retardants meet flames not only absorb a lot of heat, but also prevent flames from jumping onto the backfire surface.

3. Insulating fireproof glass

Because of the use of double-layer fire resistant glass, so the fire stability is improved, and the gas filled inside helps to improve the overall insulation effect of the glass.

4. Laminated fire resistant glass

Laminated fireproof glass with good fire resistance and safety can be developed by using high quality film and fireproof glass. The film has radio stickiness. In the event of a broken glass, the film station sticks to the glass to prevent it from falling to maintain the integrity of the glass, and the smoke prevention effect has also been improved.

5. Steel wire fire resistant glass

With the development of science and technology, this kind of glass can be used in conjunction with electric heating or security alarm system to prevent theft.

6. High borosilicate fireproof glass

High borosilicate fire resistant glass has excellent acid and alkaline resistance, can adapt to the temperature difference of 520℃, can remain unchanged for a long time at 750℃ high temperature, softening point can reach 850℃ or more.

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