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Cleaning method of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-12 11:00:00

Glass is a very familiar architectural decoration material, with its unique charm to add luster to the building. Glass curtain wall is a kind of enclosure structure installed on the outside of the main structure of the building, like the curtain hanging in the building eaves has become a new type of wall, mostly used for the exterior wall decoration of high-grade property. Its structure and process are complex, cleaning occupation is difficult, occupation quantity is large, should be completed by a high level, high-quality aerial working team. So what are the cleaning methods of glass curtain wall? What is the cleaning standard?

Cleaning method of glass curtain wall

1. Use a wet towel soaked with strong decontamination solution to remove the dirt on the glass. If it is difficult, use a wooden scraper to gently scrape off the dirt, taking care not to damage the coating of the glass. The towel soaked in glass cleaning agent (solution) on the glass with appropriate force, from the top of the glass from the vertical wash, stain thicker place appropriate to add strength.

2. Use glass scraping to remove the water on the surface of the glass, wash and scrape continuously, when the glass is close to the ground, the glass can be scraped for lateral movement.

3. Use a plush towel to remove water from the glass frame.

4. Finally remove stains from the floor.

Cleaning tools and materials: lifting professional platform, lifting boat, telescopic rod, wiper, spatula, bucket, cleaning mop, quick cleaning cloth brush. Cleaning materials: high-grade decontamination powder, universal stain agent, all-around glass cleaning agent.

Standard for cleaning glass curtain wall
No stains, water marks on the glass surface; Mirror transparent; After cleaning, wipe 50cm with white paper towel without dust. To achieve this standard, cleaning must be carried out regularly and systematically to prevent dust accumulation and maintain cleaning.

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