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Coating process of optical glass lens

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Update time : 2022-12-12 10:00:00

Optical glass lenses have been more and more close to our daily life, we use the mobile phone, camera, surveillance video in the workplace, riding the car reversing image and so on to use optical lenses. Strictly speaking, our lives have become increasingly dependent on optical lenses.

But when we pay attention to the optical system in our hands (mobile phone, camera, etc.), we can always see colorful lenses through the lens, these optical glass lenses are an important part of the optical system imaging. The colorful color above the optical lens is the result of optical coating.

In fact, optical coating processing can be roughly divided into functional coating and protective coating. Functional coating, as the name suggests, is to meet the functional requirements of optical system imaging. The simplest functional coating can increase the light transmittance of optical lenses. So protective coating refers to the coating wear system in order to protect glass lenses from other damage and design, such as anti-friction film, waterproof film and so on.

All optical lenses have a coating specification for design. The most basic specification parameter is the change in transmittance or reflectivity of a certain wavelength. At this time, we need to use professional measuring instruments to measure the optical glass lens after coating processing. BCSP series spectrometer is specially designed to meet the requirements of optical coating measurement and design and manufacture of professional testing instruments. At present, it can be divided into reflection type spectrometer, through type spectrometer, multi-angle automatic detection spectrometer three large product types.

The detection wavelength of the product covers the wide area band of 380nm to 1100nm, and can be customized according to customer requirements for different optical film detection of ultraviolet, infrared, far infrared and other personalized testing instruments.

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