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Comparison of hot-bent tempered glass and heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-09 16:00:00

There is only two words difference between hot-bent tempered glass and heat bending glass, but they are related and different in practice and performance. Hot-bending tempered glass is better than hot-bending glass in some properties and has a wider range of uses.

It can be seen that the heat bending glass has certain advantages in the production of curved products with smaller radius, which is a supplement to the hot-bent tempered glass, because the hot-bent tempered glass equipment has certain limits on the radius. This shortcoming can not cover up the advantages of the safety and reliability of hot-bending tempered glass:

1. Because the unit area weight of hot-bent toughened glass is heavier, compared with heat bending glass, it is less easy to break; Even if the tempered glass fragments after breaking are connected into a network, the section is vertical to the surface, and the fragments are obtuse, there is no harm to the person, and there is reliable safety.

2. The impact strength of hot-bending tempered glass is greatly improved. The glass will not be broken and the impact resistance is excellent when the steel ball of about 1 kg is dropped from 1 meter high.

3. The bending strength of hot-bending toughened glass has been improved, up to 200Mpa strength.

4. The optical properties of curved tempered glass will not change because of tempering, white glass made of hot-curved tempered glass can reach more than 80% light transmittance.

The excellent safety and impact resistance of hot-bent toughened glass make it have more applications in automobile, ship, instrument and construction. According to the need of the safety factor, the hot-bent tempered glass can also be made into sandwich type. The higher the safety requirement, the more layers of sandwich will be made.

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