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Comparison of soundproof window frame materials

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Update time : 2023-02-22 18:00:00

There are generally three kinds of soundproof window frame: one is aluminum alloy frame, one is plastic steel frame, the other is broken bridge aluminum frame. Each of these three materials has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

1. From the density of the material itself of the soundproof window frame

In terms of the density of the outer frame profile, the density of aluminum alloy is higher, followed by the broken bridge aluminum, after the plastic steel. The performance of the outer frame of the soundproof window is determined by the surface density. The higher the surface density, the better the sound insulation effect. Therefore, in terms of surface density, the volume of aluminum alloy is good, followed by broken bridge aluminum, the worst is plastic steel.

2. From the service life of soundproof Windows:

The outer frame of aluminum alloy has a long service life because of its high density, high hardness, strong deformation resistance, large expansion coefficient, anti-aging years. The second is the broken bridge aluminum, the shortest life is the plastic steel profile. Because the chemical properties of plastics are not stable, under the action of sunlight and ultraviolet light, the sound insulation window frame of plastic steel profiles will produce gaps after thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in poor air tightness, and the surface of the outer frame will become dull and yellow.

3. From the perspective of environmental protection:

The production process of broken bridge aluminum and plastic steel profiles causes serious environmental pollution. Especially plastic steel profiles, the vast majority of inferior profiles use lead salt stabilizer, the finished product lead content between 06%-12%. Lead is a harmful substance to human body. When the inferior profile is aged, it will precipitate lead-containing dust. After long-term exposure, the lead content in the blood will exceed the standard and even lead poisoning. Because of its high pollution, fewer production companies.
Compared from the above aspects, aluminum alloy is more suitable for the outer frame of the soundproof window than plastic steel and broken bridge aluminum.

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