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Conceptual properties and application areas of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-01 11:00:00

Laminated glass is a composite material that separates glass and glass or glass and plastic materials with an intermediate layer and makes them bond as one through treatment. Common and mostly used is glass to glass, separated by an intermediate layer and treated to make it bonded into one glass member.

Safety laminated glass refers to laminated glass in which the middle layer can limit the size of its opening and provide residual resistance to reduce the risk of cutting or stabbing personnel when broken. The original pieces used to produce laminated glass can be float glass, toughened glass, colored glass, coated glass, etc. There are 2,3,5,7 layers of laminated glass, up to 9 layers.

The characteristics of laminated glass: good transparency. Impact resistance is several times higher than the general plate glass, with multiple layers of ordinary glass or tempered glass composite, can be made of high impact resistance of safety glass. Because of the bonding effect of the intermediate layer (PVB film and other materials), even when the glass is broken, the pieces will not be scattered and hurt. By using different original glass, laminated glass can also have durability, heat resistance, humidity resistance, cold resistance and other properties.
Laminated glass has a high security, a wide range of applications and suitable for high security places. Generally, it is used in buildings for doors and Windows, skylights, stair railings of high-rise buildings, as well as stores, banks, Windows, partitions and underwater engineering and other places or parts with high safety performance. Laminated glass can not be cut, need to choose shaping products or customized according to size.

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