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Construction contents of glass curtain wall with bright frame

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Update time : 2023-01-18 16:00:00

Open-framed glass curtain wall is not only used in large quantities, wide area, stable and reliable performance, but also because open-framed glass curtain wall is derived from the glass window in the form, easy to be accepted by people. Construction is simple, traditional form. In addition, glass-framed curtain walls not only participate in indoor and outdoor heat transfer, aluminum alloy frame also participate in indoor and outdoor heat transfer. In a curtain wall unit, the area of glass far exceeds the area of aluminum alloy frame, so the thermal performance of glass is dominant in open-framed glass curtain walls.

Before the construction of the glass curtain wall in the bright frame, the first thing is to carry out comprehensive technical disclosure and quality disclosure and safety specification education on the site management and installation personnel, and prepare fire prevention and safety equipment and facilities. When handling and hoisting components, they need to be protected from collision and damage. The components should be placed in ventilated, dry upright position, and protective measures should be taken when stacked outdoors. Members shall be stacked on special shelves or bedding wood according to variety, specification, type and number. Glass members should be placed slightly inclined and upright, and protective measures should be taken when stacked outdoors. Components shall be inspected and calibrated before installation. The components shall conform to the requirements of the design drawings and related quality standards, without deformation, damage and pollution, and unqualified components shall not be installed on the wall. Glass curtain wall components may be artificially deformed and damaged in the process of transportation, stacking and hoisting. It is necessary to inspect the components in advance before installation, and replace those unqualified ones in time.

Construction process of bright frame glass curtain wall:

1. Preparation for construction

2. Measure the cable placement position

3. Handle the deviation of embedded parts

4. Install mullions

5. Beam installation

6. Curtain wall assembly installation

7. Window installation and construction

8. Fire prevention and insulation measures

9. Seal treatment

10. Protect and clean

11. Inspection and maintenance

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