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Control points of energy saving design of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-10 11:00:00

Reduce the use of clear glass curtain walls: This is a fundamental energy reduction measure. The reduction of the use area of the glass curtain wall can reduce the heat transmission in summer, so that the indoor will not overheat, reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning; Winter can reduce heat exchange heat, thereby reducing the heat loss due to the poor insulation performance of glass.

In the current design of some high-rise office buildings, in order to pursue the effect of the facade, reducing the use area of the curtain wall is not a good choice. However, designers can do some flexibility, such as making two outer walls on some secondary facades, the inner wall is a solid wall, the outer wall is a glass curtain wall, so as to reduce the area of the transparent curtain wall without affecting the facade effect of the building.
The rational layout of the building: the planning and layout of the general plane of the building should be conducive to reducing heat in summer and making full use of the natural ventilation during the ventilation season and ventilation period. The main direction of the building should be within the range of 15° east-south to 15° west-south, and should not exceed the range of 45° east-south to 30° west-south. The main room should avoid the direction of the maximum solar radiation in summer. It is not appropriate to set the main office, guest rooms, etc., due east, west and northwest. It is not suitable to set a large area of glass doors and Windows or glass curtain walls in the east, west and north, east and north directions of the building. The energy-saving performance index requirements of the selected energy-saving materials or products must be indicated in the design document, such as heat transfer coefficient, visible light transmittance, shading coefficient, air tightness, lighting coefficient, lighting window area ratio, window wall area ratio, etc. If the thermal and mechanical properties of the selected building materials are not clear, the data provided by the test report of the legal testing institution or the simulation calculation report shall be used as the basis.

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