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Dimming glass daily maintenance of the basic method

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Update time : 2023-01-31 16:00:00

Do not hit the glass surface at ordinary times, in order to prevent glass surface scratching, spread tablecloth. When placing items on dimming glass furniture, handle them with care and avoid collision.

Daily cleaning, with a wet towel or newspaper can wipe, such as stains can be used in a towel dipped in a little beer or warm vinegar wipe, in addition to the current market can also use glass cleaning agent sold, avoid acid and alkaline solution cleaning. Winter dimming glass surface is easy to frost, can use cloth dipped in thick brine or liquor to wipe, the effect is very good.

Glass that is often stained with oil can also be cleaned by using a damp cloth sprayed with detergent. First of all, the dimming glass will be fully sprayed up the glass special cleaner, and then affixed with plastic wrap, so that the solidification of the oil stain softening, after 15 minutes, tear off the plastic wrap, and then wipe with a wet cloth. In order to keep the dimming glass bright and clean, must often hand clean, if there is writing on the glass, can be soaked with rubber friction, and then wipe with a wet cloth; If there is paint on the glass, use cotton dipped in hot vinegar scrub; Wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth dampened with alcohol to make it as bright as crystal.

Stay away from the kitchen, such as the stove. In addition, avoid wetting. The stove should be isolated from acid, alkali and other chemical reagents to prevent erosion and deterioration.

Dimming glass furniture is placed in a more fixed place, do not move back and forth at will, to place objects smoothly, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of the glass furniture, to prevent the center of gravity of furniture instability caused by tipping over.

Patterned dimming glass glass once dirty, can be dipped in detergent toothbrush, wipe along the pattern can be removed. So the glass is clean and bright.
The glass is badly scratched and cannot be repaired. If it is a very minor scratch, it can be polished and repaired with a repair polishing wheel.

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