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Dimming glass installation details

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Update time : 2023-03-01 16:00:00

Dimming glass remote control through the control of the dimming film inside the glass, it can make the dimming glass transparent when energized, the effect of matte when power off. More complex control module combination can realize mobile phone APP, computer remote, light control, voice control, touch control and other personalized control methods, but also can realize fragmentation control, multi-point level skipping and other effects. Through voltage regulation, can also achieve transparent, translucent, 1/3 transparent, opaque and other states, a variety of personalized schemes, fully meet the needs of users.

Dimming glass installation process pay attention to details:

1. Distinguish the input end and output end of the dimming glass controller, carefully dimming the two power lines of the glass, the correct wiring, dimming glass on both sides of the two red and black lines respectively, one of the standby line, red and black lines do not need to distinguish between positive and negative.

2 dimming glass placed in the reserved slot below the glass contact surface should be more than two fifths, the contact surface can not be placed metal or stone hard things, but the use of flexible rubber, according to the actual situation with padding (generally 2-8mm), to avoid stress damage to the glass.

3. Do not tear the copper foil or transparent tape attached to the edge of the dimming glass.

Dimming glass actual work can be imagined as a lamp, and dimming glass partition is equivalent to a number of lights arranged side by side, light control mode can be simple through parallel or series control, then dimming glass can also be controlled in the same way.
When choosing the manufacturer, in addition to understanding the actual engineering case of the manufacturer, but also carefully check the actual installation site photos of the manufacturer, rather than through the computer post-PS renderings. Therefore, before the purchase of dimming glass, manufacturers can be asked to provide several famous projects and site photos for reference.

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