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Dimming glass properties

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Update time : 2023-02-28 18:00:00

Dimming glass is a kind of high-tech laminated glass product based on PDLC liquid crystal technology. It is a new type of special photoelectric glass product by gluing liquid crystal film with switching function into the middle of two layers of glass and gluing at high temperature and high pressure. When the dimming glass turns off the power supply, the liquid crystal molecules in the dimming atomized glass will appear irregular dispersion, at this time, the dimming atomized glass presents a transparent and opaque appearance.

The biggest feature of atomized dimming glass is that it is transparent and fog-like, which can protect privacy and achieve sound insulation performance of more than 35 decibels. At the same time, it can also block 99% UV. The excellent performance of atomized glass is widely used in the construction industry, decoration industry, doors and Windows industry and automobile industry. Excellent products require high-quality raw materials and processing techniques. However, the quality of products on the market is mixed and uneven.

One of the most visual ways to judge atomized glass, high quality atomized dimming glass should have a transmittance of more than 78%. And uniform light transmission, can not appear because of the liquid crystal coating uneven water ripples and small particles.
The low fog degree of atomized dimming glass is an important index to determine the ultra-high transparency. In other words, when professional equipment detects the transparency of atomized glass, perhaps the transmittance can reach 78% or higher, and the actual observation is still not clear enough. The reason is that when making the dimming film, the fog did not fall down, resulting in human naked eye observation, feel fuzzy and foggy. So simply put, the actual application of super permeable film, should have both ultra-high transmittance and ultra-low fog degree.

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