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Effect of nonlinear optical conductance on the density of quartz glass for optics

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Update time : 2022-12-06 10:00:00

Quartz glass for optics is a kind of high purity special industrial technology glass containing silica (SiO2) single component. It has the particularity that can not be replaced by other materials, its thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity are relatively low, but it has excellent thermal vibration resistance, and its deformation temperature and softening temperature are very high, very low dielectric loss and optical transmission ability in an extremely wide spectrum range from ultraviolet to infrared.

The low loss nonlinear optical waveguides produced by quartz glass for optics by lithography and ion exchange technology can be used to fabricate small size intensive ultra-fast full speed modulation integrated optical waveguides, which can provide a practical component for the rapid processing and capacity improvement of information communication network of information highway based on ultra-large scale data transmission and processing. Nonlinear optical materials and devices have become a new type of photonics microstructure. Density of glass The density of optical glass is one of the fundamental physical properties that must be understood by the user and the manufacturer. In addition, the density data is also needed when calculating the molecular volume and refraction of glass. The commonly used methods to measure the density of solid glass are the drain weight loss method and the specific gravity bottle method. The density of molten glass was determined by the platinum bulb weight loss method. If there are a lot of bubbles in the glass sample; It is difficult to obtain accurate results by using the above method, so it must be determined by gravity flask method. Due to the influence of nonlinear optical conductance on the density of quartz glass for optics, the crushed glass powder was first put into a specific gravity bottle containing distilled water or other organic liquid, and the specific gravity bottle was put into a vacuum chamber to remove the air attached to the surface of the glass, and then the dense degradation weighing of the glass was analyzed on the balance. The glass density can be obtained by calculating the result according to the formula.

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