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Electric heating bulletproof glass - compound special glass

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Update time : 2023-03-02 16:00:00

Bulletproof glass is a compound bullet-proof transparent protective plate made of three or more pieces of transparent glass and PVB and SGP film pressed together through high temperature and high pressure. It has the function of ordinary transparent lighting, but also has the role of defense against small equipment attack. Under the impact of warheads, the glass will not be broken, so as to ensure the personal safety of the protected personnel.

Bulletproof glass can increase fire protection function, but also can increase the function of fog and frost removal. For example, armored vehicles are equipped with bulletproof glass, in the minus 30~40℃ outside the case, the temperature inside the car will be lower than 0℃, because the cold breath of the mouth and nose is easy to fog and even frost on the surface of the window glass, affecting the driving line of sight, resulting in increased driving risk factor, at this time can be the window bulletproof glass design for electric heating bulletproof glass, Solve the outdoor temperature of low glass fog frost predicament.
Electric heating bulletproof glass is made of transparent glass, electric heating layer and film composite processing, the practice is relatively simple, only need to design the electric heating layer between the glass and film facing the indoor toilet, electric heating layer has electrodes, its structure is: Electric heating wire, thermistor, electrode strip, etc., turn on the power and turn on the heating, the electric heating wire on the glass surface will convert the current into heat and heat the glass to about 40 degrees Celsius, quickly remove the fog, frost, snow and other obstacles on the glass surface, and maintain a certain temperature to ensure a clear vision of the window. Heating layer can adopt heating wire, but also can use heating film, coating and other methods to achieve heating effect, according to the actual situation.

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