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Expose fake fire resistant glass scam tricks

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Update time : 2022-11-04 11:00:00

Due to the gradual expansion of the market of fire resistant glass, some fake products have emerged in an endless stream. When consumers buy products, they should also identify the following cheating means and be careful to prevent the purchase of fake and inferior products.

1. Pretend to be real.

In order to obtain the market access qualification for sales of fire resistant glass, some manufacturers want to get several pieces of qualified fireproof glass through various channels, and then send them to the building fire quality supervision and management Center for type test and obtain the inspection report. Through this deceptive way, to get qualified to sell. But the actual situation is that these manufacturers have factories but do not have production capacity, or in raw materials, technology, equipment, inspection methods and other aspects of lower standards, jerry-built production of products do not meet the standard; Some manufacturers even have no plant. Illegal traders sell fake and shoddy fire resistant glass in the above methods.

2. Film impersonation.

Single piece of fire resistant glass processing technology is complex, raw materials are expensive, in order to obtain greater profits, some illegal manufacturers use in ordinary glass pasted organic film premised that this is fireproof glass, using this method to gain profits. Manufacturers in the sale will still show the inspection report, but the report is to buy other regular fire glass fire inspection.

3. Certificate fraud.

Fire resistant glass of different thickness, different fire resistance grade inspection report is to - corresponding. It cannot be said that one report can contain all thickness of fireproof glass. Some manufacturers are using this loophole to cheat consumers, in the case of a certain production capacity and holding a few inspection certificates, falsely claiming that different thickness of fire resistant glass is qualified, this is "certificate fraud". Consumers should be warned that a type test report can only prove that one thickness and specification of fireproof glass is qualified, and can not cover all fireproof glass products.

4. Fake trademarks.

Some manufacturers with production strength, in order to obtain more profits, secretly use the brand manufacturer's trademark, for name, packaging, decoration, certification mark, and even infringement of the technology. The use of fake origin, the release of false information and other improper behavior, destroy the market rules.

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