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Factors affecting the performance and quality of hollow glass

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Update time : 2023-01-05 16:00:00

The continuous spacer aluminum frame made by pipe bending machine also plays a very positive role in improving the sealing property of hollow glass. Relative to the four corner insert Angle type aluminum space frame, the continuous folding molding of aluminum space frame not only completely solve the four corners of the possible sealing hidden trouble, fully ensure the desiccant due service life, and greatly increase the overall stability of the aluminum space frame itself, which is butyl adhesive coating for the aluminum space frame, And after processing such as tablet and pressing laid a very good foundation. When the hollow glass is filled with inert gas, the role of continuous aluminum spacer frame is more important and obvious.

The hot melt spacer strip is inelastic and cannot be recovered after compression deformation. Even if it looks like four corners are formed, the side of each corner is protruding upward, because the overall shape of the hot melt spacer strip is unchanged, and the four corners of the hot melt spacer strip are convex. After the hollow glass is made, there is still tension at the corners, which is easy to cause the glass to escape from the hot melt spacer strip in the future.

The correct stacking of hollow glass will also affect the final quality of insulating glass. Whether in production, transportation or storage at the site of the first stacking frame design to take into account the characteristics of hollow glass, stacking frame should have a fixed inclination, but the bottom plane and side plane should always be maintained at 90 degrees, so as to ensure that the bottom edge of the two pieces of insulating glass can be placed vertically on the stacking frame. In addition, we should pay attention to the glass, especially the bottom of the glass not stained with oil, lime or solvent, because the above materials will have different degrees of erosion on the two sealant of the hollow glass, thus affecting the sealing of the insulating glass.
Hollow glass usually belongs to the path of glass deep processing, and there are many factors that may affect its performance and quality.

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