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Factors affecting the quality of hollow laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-13 11:00:00

The edge sealing failure of hollow laminated glass means that doors and Windows lose their due function, not only the energy-saving performance of the design of doors and Windows cannot meet the requirements, but also affect the transparency of hollow laminated glass, and reduce the heat insulation effect, long time fog will make the inner surface of the glass mildew or alkali, white spots, seriously affect the appearance quality of hollow laminated glass.

Laminated glass is the middle of the production of double-layer insulating glass. The coating of butyl glue before laminated glass determines the comprehensive quality of the insulating laminated glass. Therefore, the production process should be strictly controlled, to eliminate the phenomenon of leakage coating, broken glue and negligence of sealing, never allow the existence of hidden dangers of air leakage, the good sealing.

If there is a gap between the two sealant, will cause air leakage, and should pay attention to the application of too thin second sealant, in the installation of a period of time, by the environmental temperature changes, sun and wind pressure, sealant will form cracks (even if the existence of a very small crack), water is likely to slowly into the rubber layer, the formation of atomization, lose its sealing, loss of sealing effect.
When assembling hollow laminated glass, if the hollow glass sealant is in contact with other sealing materials (especially curtain wall weatherproof sealant), and these sealing materials contain plasticizer components that can dissolve butyl sealant, these plasticizer components will migrate to the surface of the sealant through the hollow glass second seal, and then the sealant will dissolve and produce thinning, flowing phenomenon. Therefore, when assembling hollow laminated glass, it is necessary to do the corresponding compatibility test, choose the matching sealing material that is soluble with hollow laminated glass sealant, choose the sealing material from the same manufacturer, in order to reduce the occurrence of such phenomenon.

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