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Factors affecting the service life of hollow laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-08 11:00:00

The key factors affecting the life of hollow laminated glass are the aging resistance of sealant and the adsorption capacity of desiccant, and the determining factor is the performance of sealant. Because no matter how big the adsorption capacity of the desiccant is, there is a certain amount of limitation in the interior of the hollow glass. After the desiccant in the empty glass is saturated, the best desiccant can no longer absorb water vapor, and the hollow glass should also fail at this time.

Only when the sealing performance of the sealant is good and the permeability coefficient of water and air is low, the amount of water vapor entering the inside of the hollow laminated glass is small, and it keeps this state. Only a little desiccant can be used to ensure the drying of the gas inside the hollow glass, so as to ensure the effect of the hollow glass. To keep the sealant unchanged for a long time, it is necessary to require the sealant to have good aging resistance. If the quality of these materials is not good, it will affect the life of insulating glass products.

The performance requirements of desiccant are that the initial adsorption capacity is low, which is convenient for production and operation, while the remaining adsorption capacity is strong, so as to ensure more adsorption capacity inside the sealed insulating glass and only adsorption of water molecules, with certain wear-resisting strength. Generally, 3A molecular sieve is selected as the special adsorbent for insulating glass. For special, internal containing volatile compounds of sealant, desiccant is required to have a special ability to adsorb organic molecules, generally choose 13X type molecular sieve, as both adsorption of water and organic matter adsorption molecular sieve.
The ability of desiccant to absorb water vapor varies with the change of desiccant temperature. The amount of water vapor absorbed by different desiccant varies under a given temperature condition, depending on the speed of water vapor obtained in the hollow laminated glass cavity. The growth of water vapor speed is a function of several factors, including: the ability of desiccant to absorb water vapor.

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