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Features of anti slip glass

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Update time : 2023-02-28 16:00:00

Anti slip glass is a kind of material with superior performance and safety. It is processed by multi-layer process. The upper piece is toughened glass and the surface is coated with special anti-skid film (NSS).

The characteristics of anti slip glass:

1. Non-slip: the non-slip layer on the non-slip glass surface has a high friction coefficient, which provides a guarantee for the non-slip performance of the anti slip glass floor. You can walk at will without slipping.

2. Permeability: the glass floor after non-slip treatment still maintains the permeability characteristics, completely realize the sight unimpeded, visual integration, make the visual space more open.

3. The substrate of safety anti slip glass floor has high strength and can bear large load without breaking. The anti-slip glass floor made of sandwich can not only bear greater load, but also provide enough support to ensure safety even when the anti-slip glass substrate is accidentally damaged.

4. Non-slip layer does not fall off. Non-slip layer is sintered with glass and becomes a part of the glass as a whole, so it can be rubbed off for a long time.

There are more types of anti-skid glass, and the pattern is mostly in the shape of diagonal long elliptical strips, with the tilt direction distributed in a row on the left and a row on the right. This arrangement can increase the friction of the glass to ensure better anti-skid effect. In addition, there are three kinds of horizontal and unidirectional, horizontal and vertical phase, and round dot pattern, the effect is similar to that of diagonal ellipse strip.
Anti slip glass is mainly used in coffee shops, stages, exhibition halls, KTV singing and dancing venues, supermarkets, large shopping malls, museums, landscape corridors and other places that need to be anti-slip, such as anti-slip glass steps, can effectively prevent people from slipping up and down the steps.

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