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Features of hollow heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-08 16:00:00

Heat bending glass is a kind of widely used glass. The figure of hot-bent glass can be seen everywhere in the exterior wall of building glass, showcase window, sightseeing elevator, fish tank and so on. The shape of hot-bent glass is different, and different sizes and thicknesses can be customized. Heat bending glass is used in different places, to use different processing technology: safety requirements of higher places, glue operation; Where there is a large flow of people, toughen and glue tight edge sealing; It is required that the heat preservation is better and the hollow operation edge sealing is carried out.

Hollow heat bending glass is a kind of use form of hot bending glass obtained after hollow sealing treatment. Hollow hot bending glass has its own advantages over monolithic and laminated hot bending glass:

1. Better security. Hollow heat bending glass is processed by double hot bending glass, the overall bearing capacity is better than that of single hot bending glass, and it has better bearing capacity to external impact.

2. Good weather resistance, not easy to change color. Laminated hot bent glass is of course has better safety, but after long-term use, the glass edge is easy to unglue, the film is easy to yellow bubbles affect the overall beauty, hollow hot bent glass is filled with dry air or other gases, long-term use will not change color, into the impurities, both safe and beautiful.

3. Excellent thermal insulation effect. Higher requirements for the heat preservation effect of cases, using hollow heat bending glass is a better choice, the outer hot bending glass exposed to the outside world first passed to the middle of the air layer, heat transfer heat air layer is weak at the same time in the transfer of energy is lost at the same time, the inner heat bending glass back to the effect of heat isolation, thus maintain a constant temperature in cases, This requires fresh food, flowers and so on have an important role.

4. Good visibility, completely without obstructing the line of sight. The air does not have any color, two pieces of hot curved glass although increased the overall thickness of the glass, but the use of transparent or ultra-white glass can still reach about 80% light transmittance, line of sight effect is good.

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