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Features of laminated super white glass

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Update time : 2023-02-09 14:00:00

The gallery bridge cloud adopts steel box girder structure, and there is no support frame under the gallery bridge. 500 tons of steel will be used for the entire cantilever section of the steel box girder, while a damper will be added to the steel box girder to resist wind, and the gallery bridge will also be able to withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8 or above. According to reports, the ground and guardrail of the corridor bridge are made of 3 layers of laminated super white glass, which has the perspective effect that the general glass can not reach, especially the SGP high strength adhesive safety factor is very high. The glass can hold up to 500 kilograms per square meter.

What are the specific characteristics of glue super white glass:

Laminated super white glass by external impact, because the elastic intermediate layer has the effect of absorbing impact, can prevent the impact of penetration. Even if the glass is damaged, it only produces fine cracks similar to the spider network. The fragments are firmly adhered to the middle layer, and will not fall off and scatter to hurt people, and can continue to be used until replacement.

PVB laminated glass with super white glass is very tough, even if the thief will crack the glass, because the middle layer is firmly adhered to the glass together, still maintain integrity, avoid outsiders. The installation of laminated glass can eliminate the guardrail, save money and beautiful can also get rid of the feeling of cage.

Because the PVB film with super white glass has the damping function of sound wave, the PVB laminated glass can effectively inhibit the transmission of noise, especially the buildings located in airports, stations, downtown and on both sides of the road after the installation of laminated glass, the sound insulation effect is very obvious.
Laminated glass made of PVB film can effectively reduce sunlight penetration. With the same thickness, laminated glass made of dark low transmittance PVB film has better heat barrier ability. Currently, laminated glass comes in a variety of colors.

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