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Fire resistant glass and fireproof glass partition difference

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Update time : 2023-02-23 14:00:00

Although fire resistant glass is widely used in architecture, there are still many blind spots in practical application. For example, how to correctly use fireproof glass, what type of fireproof glass to use, where to use fireproof glass, etc.

Fire resistant glass and fireproof glass partition difference

Some buildings need both fire partition, and the need for beautiful and transparent design, so the fire glass partition as fire partition measures, such as the performance of commercial pedestrian street boutique partition, large commercial space glass firewall, viewing window of the well. However, designers often label fire-resistant glass rather than fire-resistant glass partitions on drawings, while fire inspectors generally recommend labeling fire-resistant glass adjacent walls for only a few hours and do not require designers to describe detailed joint construction methods for fire-resistant glass partitions. In actual construction, the construction party usually buys fire resistant glass according to the design requirements, and fixes the fireproof glass in the frame according to the commonly used glass partition method, and injects glass glue at the glass joint. Simply believe that the fireproof glass spliced together as a fireproof glass partition, is considered to meet the requirements of fire prevention, acceptance can submit the fireproof glass inspection report.

These ignore the fire resistant glass partition wall is composed of fireproof glass, frame, sealing material, pad and other fireproof components of the complete system. Fireproof glass is only part of the glass partition. It needs to be combined with the frame and fireproof sealing material to form a fireproof glass partition wall, and meet the corresponding fire limit standards of the code.

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