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Fire resistant glass installation details

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Update time : 2022-11-04 16:00:00

The use effect of fire resistant glass is related to the quality of the glass itself, and the installation technology and detail treatment are also one of the factors affecting its performance. Fireproof glass installation how to deal with the details to achieve the due effect, the following detailed explanation.

Fire resistant glass installation steps:

1. Before installation, check each piece of fireproof glass from the following aspects: whether the size is accurate, the integrity of edges and corners, scratches, wear and tear, and whether the quantity conforms to the contract. In the process of inspection, it is not allowed to tear off the glass supplier's logo without instructions. It should be carried out in accordance with the installation instructions and drawings of fire resistant glass.

2. Check and remove the residue or raised hard objects on the window frame.

3. The gasket can be installed on the window frame. Rubber, wood, etc. can be used as the gasket material, and then the standard width and thickness of the gasket can be cut on the window frame according to the size and quantity needed.

4. In order to prevent the components in the glass glue from eroding into the inside of the glass, the edge sealant is used to protect the fire resistant glass before leaving the factory. It is necessary to confirm whether the edge sealant is intact before installation.

5. When the fire resistant glass is formally installed, it must be vertical, and the protective film cannot be torn off.

6. The fixed fire resistant glass can be installed with the outer frame. Please note that the outer frame should not touch the glass.

7. After installation, use non-acid glass glue to fix.

Daily use of fire resistant glass:

The principle of fire resistant glass daily acid and base strong chemicals, will lead to the change of the nature of the glass itself; Keep the site dry; If the glass surface is contaminated with oil, it is recommended to use a wet towel or special glass cleaner to scrub, not acid cleaner. When the fire glass cracking, scratching and other conditions, indicating that the performance has been damaged, should be replaced in time.

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