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Fire resistant glass selection type

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Update time : 2023-02-20 18:00:00

Recently learned in detail that many enterprises in the design of office space in this respect, there are some questions about the classification of fire resistant glass partition wall and the use of the site, they feel that as long as it is fireproof glass, it can be applied to all sites. In reality, this perception is not correct! Nowadays, fireproof glass partitions are widely used in offices, exhibition halls and so on.

Fire resistant glass is a special type of glass which is processed by special technology and can maintain its integrity and heat insulation in the standard fire test. When an object catches fire, it can control the spread of the fire or prevent smoke. It is a fire prevention material.

So in the choice of fire resistant glass, it is very important, the following for you to introduce the classification of fireproof glass, so that you can choose according to their own requirements. First of all, according to the fire resistance of fireproof glass classification, can be divided into two categories, respectively for class A and Class C.

Class A (insulated fire resistant glass) should meet the requirements of fire integrity and fire insulation. Suitable for steel and wood fire doors, Windows, partitions, transparent floors and other building components that need both transparency and fire prevention.

Class C (non-insulated fire resistant glass) only meets the fire integrity requirements of monolithic fireproof glass. Suitable for fireproof glass partition wall, fireproof window, indoor curtain wall, etc.
Secondly, according to the classification of fire glass structure, there are composite fire glass, this kind of fire glass is composed of two or more layers of flat glass and transparent fire adhesive. In the event of a fire, the adhesive will expand rapidly, forming an insulating fireproof foam layer that can absorb a lot of heat.

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