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Five kinds of glass curtain wall installation

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Update time : 2023-01-12 14:00:00

Glass curtain wall is a common way of building installation. It can be roughly divided into five types from the structure: fully hidden frame glass curtain wall, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, open frame glass curtain wall, hanging frame glass curtain wall and no skeleton glass curtain wall. Due to the different structure of each glass curtain wall, the installation of curtain wall glass is also different.

Fully hidden frame curtain wall glass installation fixing mode: fully hidden frame curtain wall glass installation mode is to fix the curtain wall glass on the aluminum alloy frame, the upper and lower frames respectively correspond to the upper and lower beams of the aluminum alloy frame, and the two sides of the glass respectively correspond to the two vertical rods of the aluminum alloy frame.

Semi-hidden frame curtain wall glass installation fixed way: because vertical and vertical hidden transverse glass curtain wall are called semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, so the curtain wall glass of this semi-hidden frame has two installation ways. Vertical horizontal hidden is the glass installation embedded in the groove fixed, left and right transverse and then reinforced with glass glue; Vertical and horizontal Ming curtain wall glass to put the glass in the aluminum alloy inlaid groove of the horizontal bar, and then cover the pressure plate outside the glass, and aluminum alloy vertical rod hidden behind the glass.

Clear frame curtain wall glass installation fixed way: clear frame curtain wall glass type structure whether the skeleton and glass frame made of special aluminum alloy profiles or to section steel as the skeleton, the aluminum alloy frame in the whole curtain wall will be exposed outside.

Hanging rack type glass curtain wall installation fixing method: This is a kind of column and stainless steel pendant welding installation method, is the pendant four claws and curtain wall glass hole connected, one hole corresponding to a claw. It can also be said that a hole is drilled in each corner of the glass, and then the glass is fixed on the four claws of the stainless steel pendant.
Frameless glass curtain wall installation and fixing: the glass is installed in the form of lifting, which is a method of using well-spaced hooks or special profiles to hang the glass from above.

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