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Float glass processing needs to improve the quality of products

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Update time : 2023-01-30 14:00:00

Water fluctuation of float glass raw materials is a prominent problem in the production of mixed materials, especially sandstone raw materials in the mix accounts for 60% of the proportion, and belongs to wet processing, general water into the plant up to 7%~10%. The moisture content is large and the fluctuation is large, which has a great influence on the quality of the mixture. The most effective way is to take measures on the mine or in the factory to reduce the water content of sandstone to below 5%. Experience has proved that after the water content of sandstone is reduced to below 5%, the water fluctuation in weighing is very small, and the production stability is greatly improved.

At present, there is no unified technical standard for the particle size control of float glass in the world, and there are different technical standards for the screen size control. Internationally, it is more popular to calculate the diameter of equivalent volume particles to indicate the particle size, to use the national measurement recognized manufacturers of screen mesh as the production control and inspection of particle size, to ensure the strict control and implementation of particle size standards.

To control the quality index of float glass mixture, it is necessary to carefully analyze the problems of the current quality inspection and control of the mixture, establish the appropriate inspection and control standards according to the industry standards, determine the strict assessment and control methods, and achieve the further improvement of the quality of the mixture.

1. A more comprehensive use of the laboratory station to do a good job in the quality control of mixed materials, to develop a good mixture inspection index items, standards, sampling frequency, sampling, sample preparation and analysis methods.

2. Quantify the quality of the mixture by scientific statistical methods, and calculate the rate of superior grade and qualified rate of the mixture.

3. Effectively strengthen the leadership of the process management department to the laboratory station, work strictly in accordance with the system, regulations and operating procedures, reduce the interference and contact of the tested department, strictly random sampling, to ensure the independent, accurate and fair testing of the mixed materials, so that the test results can truly reflect the quality of the mixed materials.
4. When measuring the mixing quality index of the mixture, it is also necessary to determine its Na2CO3 content.

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